Hi! I’m Giselle!

And I consider myself a very average person.

Im average looking, with an average job, average relationship and I pretty much live an average life. You could say nothing much out of the ordinary happens in my life. Which very often is a good thing in my opinion. But then again, this means my life is pretty vanilla….

In 2014 I became a mummy to a beautiful daughter and although my life has turned upside down and (the right way?) around, I still consider myself an average mummy. I dont  do any fancy mummy stuff, I just concentrate on giving my little one a good life. So yes, Im a vanilla mummy.

I want to share my experiences with all those hard working mums out there who sometimes feel lost or like they cannot cope. I want them to know: You are not alone! you are doing just fine….

So welcome to my blog, where life sometimes gives me chocolate-chip cookie dough but I still choose vanilla!



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