Healthy Apple Crumble

In my opinion there are winter sweets and there are summer sweets. Apple crumble is my favourite dessert, all year round, however I love it on those cold winter days where i can take a slice straight out of the oven, preferably with a dollop of custard. Yum yum yum.... A little piece of heaven… Continue reading Healthy Apple Crumble

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7 ways with Pumpkin

It all began they day I decided to buy a large pumpkin to make my own pumpkin puree to batch freeze. It's very easy to do this. Cut the whole pumpkin in half, place face down in a dish, and put in the oven for 30-60 minutes (depending on the size) until it becomes soft.… Continue reading 7 ways with Pumpkin

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Pumpkin Risotto

Was it the piece of Pumpkin sitting in the fridge or my craving for risotto that day? I can't remember exactly which was my driving force, but the decision to combine the 2 turned out to be a good one. But I never realized that the dish would also be child friendly. This was a… Continue reading Pumpkin Risotto

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10 Steps to Preparing a packed lunch the easy way

By now we are in the second week of October and all children are back to school, and parents are back into the routine of preparing packed lunches. With all the pressure to give our children a healthy lunch, the thought of packing those lunches can be extremely daunting. Especially if your child is fussy… Continue reading 10 Steps to Preparing a packed lunch the easy way


Slow cooker BBQ drumsticks served with garlic spinach noodles

This was a mid week meal that turned out fabulous. I love it when that happens. The idea was to prepare a slow cooker meal to have ready for the evening, so I prepared the drumsticks before going out to work. Come dinner time I wasn't keen on a side of potato and veg, so… Continue reading Slow cooker BBQ drumsticks served with garlic spinach noodles


Warm Autumn Salad with Halloumi

The thing about salads is that once the cold(ish) weather sets in I lose all interest in preparing or eating them. My body suddenly starts craving cooked comfort food. When the weather finally allows for lettuce to survive it's fresh good looks for longer than an hour, then it's suddenly not attractive to me anymore.… Continue reading Warm Autumn Salad with Halloumi