Quick Beef Lettuce Tacos

This week we will be moving house officially. Moving is so much harder when you have a child. Not only has the house content increased by 8 times in the past five years, but even the actual process of packing is laborious and tiresome. My daughter either wants to help and ends up slowing me… Continue reading Quick Beef Lettuce Tacos

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12 Healthy Breakfast Ideas in under 5 minutes

Whenever I try to Google some breakfast ideas, the results that come up are too complicated for my taste. I start off with good intentions to try them, but come morning, I just grab some cereal or toast and repeat the same every day. So when I wrote this article I made it a point… Continue reading 12 Healthy Breakfast Ideas in under 5 minutes


Pasta with Avocado and Mushroom sauce

This week for my daughter's kindergarten school we were asked to send a photo of Mum and Dad with some info about us: favourite colour, favourite food, etc. And while it took my husband up to a minute to come up with his favourite food, I wrote mine down without hesitation. I am truly a… Continue reading Pasta with Avocado and Mushroom sauce


Broccoli Mushroom Quiche

In the last few months I have reduced my working hours at the pharmacy, a decision which we came to when my husband was spending more time at home with our daughter, when he could have been working and earning more money for the same amount of hours I worked. I didn't mind at all… Continue reading Broccoli Mushroom Quiche


The day I discovered the Breakfast Burrito

I must admit, the fist time I had to google the term. Never thought the 2 words breakfast and burrito should be found in the same sentence. It must be an American thing, I thought (I was right). And it is very popular in fast food joints (haven't stepped foot in McD or BK in… Continue reading The day I discovered the Breakfast Burrito


Quick Pasta with Spinach and Feta

It's been a while since I last wrote in my blog and I have been blaming this on how crazy life became in December. My husband leaving his job and helping to start up a company from scratch; the frequent visitors home since we were trying to sell our apartment; stress of banks etc because… Continue reading Quick Pasta with Spinach and Feta


Chocolate-orange energy balls

Much to our dismay, our daughter has inherited a sweet tooth from both her parents. We tried to wait at least until she was 2 before introducing her to anything sweet, but grandparents and other children's parties didn't really help the situation. So now that she knows where the goodies cupboard is, S will just… Continue reading Chocolate-orange energy balls


Avocado Cucumber smoothie

I christened this my Birthday Avocado Smoothie because I perfected it today on my birthday. I'm new to smoothies because I was never really into a 'liquid breakfast'. But this smoothie is so thick you could eat it with a teaspoon like a yoghurt, or you could thin it down with water and ice cubes… Continue reading Avocado Cucumber smoothie