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Pumpkin Risotto

Was it the piece of Pumpkin sitting in the fridge or my craving for risotto that day? I can't remember exactly which was my driving force, but the decision to combine the 2 turned out to be a good one. But I never realized that the dish would also be child friendly. This was a… Continue reading Pumpkin Risotto


Broad bean and pancetta risotto

I was meant to post this in May, when broad beans were in season here in Malta, but after my colleagues at work gave me so much grief about not having any goats cheese to serve it with, I was waiting to cook it again to take new photos. This never happened so far, but… Continue reading Broad bean and pancetta risotto


Quick Beef Lettuce Tacos

This week we will be moving house officially. Moving is so much harder when you have a child. Not only has the house content increased by 8 times in the past five years, but even the actual process of packing is laborious and tiresome. My daughter either wants to help and ends up slowing me… Continue reading Quick Beef Lettuce Tacos


Pasta with Avocado and Mushroom sauce

This week for my daughter's kindergarten school we were asked to send a photo of Mum and Dad with some info about us: favourite colour, favourite food, etc. And while it took my husband up to a minute to come up with his favourite food, I wrote mine down without hesitation. I am truly a… Continue reading Pasta with Avocado and Mushroom sauce


Quick Pasta with Spinach and Feta

It's been a while since I last wrote in my blog and I have been blaming this on how crazy life became in December. My husband leaving his job and helping to start up a company from scratch; the frequent visitors home since we were trying to sell our apartment; stress of banks etc because… Continue reading Quick Pasta with Spinach and Feta