Healthy Apple Crumble

In my opinion there are winter sweets and there are summer sweets. Apple crumble is my favourite dessert, all year round, however I love it on those cold winter days where i can take a slice straight out of the oven, preferably with a dollop of custard. Yum yum yum.... A little piece of heaven… Continue reading Healthy Apple Crumble

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12 Healthy Breakfast Ideas in under 5 minutes

Whenever I try to Google some breakfast ideas, the results that come up are too complicated for my taste. I start off with good intentions to try them, but come morning, I just grab some cereal or toast and repeat the same every day. So when I wrote this article I made it a point… Continue reading 12 Healthy Breakfast Ideas in under 5 minutes


Broccoli Mushroom Quiche

In the last few months I have reduced my working hours at the pharmacy, a decision which we came to when my husband was spending more time at home with our daughter, when he could have been working and earning more money for the same amount of hours I worked. I didn't mind at all… Continue reading Broccoli Mushroom Quiche

Packed lunch

Preparing a packed lunch for a picky eater

Have you ever googled "lunch for picky eaters" and when you look at the search results you think "yeah right, as if my kids would eat this! What part of picky eater didn't Google understand?" Well, same boat here. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds preparing school lunches a big headache. I… Continue reading Preparing a packed lunch for a picky eater


Chocolate-orange energy balls

Much to our dismay, our daughter has inherited a sweet tooth from both her parents. We tried to wait at least until she was 2 before introducing her to anything sweet, but grandparents and other children's parties didn't really help the situation. So now that she knows where the goodies cupboard is, S will just… Continue reading Chocolate-orange energy balls